Natural Rajasthani Henna Fresh Ready To Apply Paste




Natural Rajasthani Henna Fresh Ready To Apply Paste Imparts Rich Brown Shade

Pre-Soaked in Black Tea and Herbs

100% Natural Rajasthani Henna

Imparts Rich Brown Shade 

Colour Brown
Package Information Sachet
Product Benefits Hair Coloring
Brand Nat Habit
Item Form Paste
Hair Type All
Number of Items 3
Net Quantity 660 gram
Material Feature Natural
Material Type Free Black Tea & Herb Soaked Overnight, Ultra-Filtered Rich Pure Henna for Dark Brown Stain, Fresh Made Everyday, Inspired by Ayurvedic Kitchen Recipes, 100% Natural. Zero Chemicals, Zero Preservatives
  • Item Form: Paste ; Scent: Natural Henna Paste, Discover the natural beauty benefits of our henna paste, hand-crafted with the finest henna leaves. The ready to apply format helps you use Henna when you feel like without any pre-planning.
  • Ingredients: Pure Rajasthani Henna, Manjistha, Black Tea, Amla & Rosemary. Rajasthani Henna Ultra-Filtered: High grade Henna sourced from Rajasthan, with high lawsone content for rich, dark, long-lasting colour stain on hair. Amla & Black Tea: Rich in antioxidants, letting henna bind better to hair and stay longer. Rosemary: Darkens henna’s colour to a rich brown shade and helps the colour to stay for long.
  • Key Benefit : Nourishes and conditions hair: Our ready to apply henna paste naturally conditions hair. Regular application of our henna paste can help reduce dryness, frizz and split ends of hair which ensures that hair is shiny and well conditioned.
  • Rich dark-brown colour without chemicals: As our henna paste is prepared with pure Rajasthani Henna and has natural ingredients like Manjistha, black tea and rosemary. Safe for all hair types. our henna paste is free from harmful chemicals, parabens and additives, making it suitable for all hair types.
  • Direction For Use PRE-WASH: Pour ready-to-apply Henna Paste into a bowl. Use an applicator brush to stir the paste a little. Apply evenly all over your hair and scalp. After 2-3 hours, wash thoroughly with plain water. Do not use shampoo.You may add curd for additional conditioning or methi powder for hair nourishment.
  • POST-WASH: Oil your hair overnight & wash with shampoo the next day. It takes a day’s time for henna to darken on hair, hence advisable to not use shampoo on the day of application.


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